There is a tower rising on
Towards the midnight sky
The symbol of supremacy
Our will in stony spires
Above grey waters
The mirror of the truth

I see the shining of the steel
As thousand trees fall down
The more we gain, the more we yearn
The more we tame the wild
We’re rising higher
The reins of life we hold
Creating a new world

And one by one the waves will fall
Back and the sea retire
We need more land, the desert’s sand
Will turn to a green playground
We have just one master:
The instinct to dominate
The will to have it all!

In my hands the divine grace
The power of destruction and to create
In my mind the course of fate
In this dance of existence I will set the pace
No rest until I’ll see the world beneath my feet
No rest until I’ll see the world bow down to me

How can’t you understand?
You know we have the right
Beyond the limit we can go
Rule on death and life
Indeed we must find
Something we can strive for…

The common enemy
Nature, has gone down
And our lust to kill
Is aimed towards mankind
In blinding hunger
We keep on marching forward
We’re marching out to war!

There’s no other way to gain
The world’s domination, the Golden Age
I can ease this endless pain
In the tale of evolution I will write the final page
No rest until I’ll see the world on hands and knees
I am the god to lead the world, bow down to me!