-Part I: Imaginary Waterscape


-Part II: A Warm Awakening
Rise, rise and breathe!
Wind of Life
Let the waltz begin!
Ah, rise and breathe!
May your song quicken a new birth!
Rouse matter from her sleep
Blow, on the silent world

Blow, quicken a new birth!
Scatter on the silent world little seeds

In the wine-dark oceans wide
On a planet runnin’ round a young sun
One in the far Milky Way
Remote part of the Universe
Some day, elemental buds began
Suddenly, a new dance
a new reign of cells did build their first walls

Energy swarming
Dna forming
Now the seeds are planted
Life is born!

In the turmoil of the Earth
The first tiny forms become
The first leaf on the tree of Life
Oxygen fills the atmosphere more and more
Then soon, in this endless growth, behold
The first breath, the first beating heart
The first brain
led by a will to live on…

…rise and breathe!
Whole cosmos in a shell so thin!
Striving, to preserve their forms
Spreading all over the world…

Now, a new Era is born
The Earth is conquered!


-Part III: The Contemplation
This is meant to be the Eden
The Original place
The Story and the Heart
The House and the Household
The Panorama over the vastest sea
The Vision that revealed it all…

That voice that resounds within
Is the Grasp of Mother Nature
Embraces us with sprouting flowers
Caresses us with sweet warm honey
And keeps us safe with Her Love

Contemplate Her
Contemplate Her, young life
Bow to Her might
Don’t fear it
But gaze, stare, admire
Feel that shiver coming on thy spine
And prepare…
Let the Journey Begin!


-Part IV: Journey Begins
Life, energy / (Energy flowing – A blooming flower)
Wander, breathing endlessly / (This fragile wonder – The reign of Life)
Rise, gentle wind / (The microcosm – endless gyre)
Now, may the waltz begin / (The laws of Existence – The Reins of Life).