-Part I: Essence
Rise, my children, now
A new day of light is here
Beyond the curtain of night, and I see…

The flowing of time, morn and eventide
The hawk on the green woods, the mountains high
Now the circle of change and life
Can dance again under starlit skies

A new horizon seems to wait
And from the embers leaps a flame
Now, through silence, hear my cry:
I am a Muse of Life

A perfect symphony
Making the world breathe since ancient times
Letting life rise from the ashes
For nothing really dies
I am the keeper of the flame
Singing on!

Aware to be just one tune in the song
Remember the grim past and let it go
Now you can see that fall and rise
Are all the same, and your pain will die

So, now, take in the beauty of sun and rain
Be part of the One, perfect game
Dance to the pace set by Time
Led by the Reins of Life

Hear me, perfect symphony of endless strife
Beyond the limit of the single form
I live in a never-ending gyre
I am the Pillar standing tall since ancient times
Letting life rise from the ashes
And nothing really die
I am the Phoenix from the flames, soaring on


-Part II: Equilibrium
Born from stardust
Energy from the void
Atoms of the Universe
Thin equilibrium

Beauty between the beings
Survivor of a million species
Chosen One in countless decades

By Nature, wanderer
By instinct, hunter
By reason, conqueror

Creator of New
And great, impressive monuments
Things Earth could have never seen before
There to stay and remind

Hands, able to forge the unseen
Intelligence to overcome any challenge
How could all this awesomeness be dispersed in such a wasteful way:

Forgot our roots
Unlearned the good old past
Slanted to the future
With no regret, no pity, no mercy

We tried to superimpose ourselves
On our bountiful home land
And we got back nothing but ash and unforgiveness
That’s not what mankind deserved

Sure, we were warned!
We could have been able to recover
Completely from our stall
Set our wings back into the air
And soar again