I can see you, finally,
you, who sleep here by my side.
Waking from a life-long dream
I realize what I have lost.

It’s been so long…
Where have I been?
Now I find
can’t turn back time.

I was faultless – tried to be,
not allowed to rest, to feel…

Like a fire I raged, I fought
and denied my home some warmth.

Can you love this wounded soul?
See beyond the cold façade?
Forgive me, embrace my faults?
Love me, and take me home?

You remind me who I am,
the best version of myself.
With this love we have been blessed
in the now, I can’t waste it.

How I long for a guide, a hope
in my dark night of the soul…
Tell me I won’t be alone,
Be my lighthouse in the storm.

Heal and love this wounded soul,
See beyond the cold façade,
Forgive me, embrace my faults.
Please love me, keep me safe…