Sinking deep down
the well of failure, you see
We do not run like faultless gears.

Burning inside,
We crawl out, trying another way,
Desperate to find the moment we would halt…
Soon to drown in waves of time.

And once more, we realize despair comes from our own hands,
born from all those wasted words,
from the never broken silence…

Like a storm we can’t foresee,
soon the story takes the worst turn,
Even saints and heroes fall
prey to fear and rage…
Cursed to another wrong move,
Damned to tragic downfall,
Still somehow we’re going on…

Spiralling up and spiralling down
and rising back just to fall again,
the fault of today will be
what will lead us forward.

Spiralling down and spiralling up
we’re caught in the dance of life again;
looking back we wonder seeing
long’s the way we’ve come…

Once more, ruins you can’t erase will pave a new road.
We need something to live for,
may the perfect moment never come!

May the storm come over me
May the story take the worst turn,
May the saint and hero fall
prey to fear and rage.
Blessed to live through downfall,
Ever-changing, growing,
Still imperfect, still alive…

Sinking deep down,
Spiralling upwards,
We don’t run like faultless gears,
We will fail again,
Blessed to live through downfall,
and to sail forward…
may perfection never come,
I am still alive.