Thick veil of smoke,
grey spirals in the air.
I cannot see beyond
pride and pain.

I raise my shield,
for truth is all around,
words turned weapons,
friends turned enemies.

And as the pale sun sets
on the battlefield,
the lies I told myself
haunt my restless dreams,
real nightmares.

With every dawn,
the fight ignites again,
against the world, to survive and to prevail,
inside our mind,
between reason, love and hate,
and there’s no end…

Lost in this land of chaos,
nothing more makes sense.
How can we stain with blood
the little sand we have?
I feel a sudden pull
to leave these fields of pain, (Come back home!)
Desert the cage of fear,
following another law
written inside us.

Craving for peace,
how we burn in hate and war,
destroying ourselves,
the finest art we learnt.
Our soul was sacrificed,
what else to give, to drain?
And what’s our gain?

I lost my shield,
I’m a soldier coming home.
I’m just a child
in need of an embrace.
Reality is here,
as masks of ego fade.
Beyond the smoke… Light.