Coal-black eyes, a fiery, deep gaze,
a seer in a trance.
Then a step, a wave of the hand,
a lost love told in her dance…

Pure grace and passion…
crimson vaults,
Body and soul as one,
weave a whole world in a dance.
Take me, I am yours

Clacking heels, a frenzied rhythm,
memories I can’t grasp.
A passionate, lighthearted love,
was it mine?
No more reins put on desire,
finally free to dance…

A soothing rapture,
for this night.
To dance my life away,
to indulge in blissful trance.
Abandon and peace,
moment I would halt…
I find you once again,
and days of longing seem so far…
Until the music fades,
and the curtain falls…

Warm days of passion…
an old dream,
Faint echoes of a song,
of sweet abandon I longed for.
Won’t have back those days,
Lost the will to dance,
A dear memory remains,
of crimson vaults to the compàs.