May the Mistral rise and blow
May the wintry mantle fall
May it dye this scenery in white
This silent field of stones
Bitter and wide…
“May their spirit rest” the letters cry, but…
The echo of screams, these scars will stay!

Bury all our hope and our dreams
The ruins of our world, our own kin
The pitiful beliefs and the pride
Bury all the progeny of mankind
What is the point in regret and wails?
Awareness always comes far too late!

Can you tell me where the sense is?
Living on when death is all we achieve!
What other way can we try?
Dig your grave, foolish child!
Do you believe you can survive?
Bear the consequence of matricide!
Come on, face your demise!

Bury Hope, let Despair lead you to thy grave
Bury Hope, enter Hell, come inside!
(The warmth of Life shall fade)
Bury Hope, for Eden’s land has been lost
(Heaven is lost if there was one)

May silence cover the Earth
May Ammit devour us all!
End the song of Mankind
Dire song, turned into the dirge for Life!

From now on we can’t change our way!
“Can’t you look the Truth in the eyes?”
The lesson we did learn…
“Oh, sure, you failed for the last time!”

Tears may well fall over silent graves
‘till new flames will shred the world again
Memories fade as time flows
We forget and it’s all vain!
Bury every sterile seed of hope
May shadows of Hell feast
Upon this blasted kind! (Six feet underground)