Eyes closed.
Slowly giving into the warm embrace of slumber,
Breaths like soothing waves.
Awakening to a dream.
Breath after breath…
Wave after wave…
The world is flooding over
Safe on the Ark, I’m sailing forward,
Wandering past the boundaries…
What lost Atlantis,
What Isles of the Blessed are there for me?

A night to live a thousand lives,
to wander on forgotten shores
and see what’s beneath the surface,
the deepest core.

Sudden winds, surging waves!
My sails are torn!
Seized, I’m sinking!
The darkest abyss pulling me down, swallowing me!
Creaking wood on a black, raging river.
Cold mist, thunders all around.
The demon ferryman, with ember eyes,
driving the boat and me towards the other side!
I don’t want to know, don’t want to see
what Hell awaits beyond!

To rise again and rule the sky,
the Sun-boat crosses the Underworld every night.
Come, sail to the lost realms of the Unconscious,
be reborn!