Claudia Nora Pezzotta

DATE OF BIRTH: December 25, 1989

WHAT I LIKE: Playing the harp, taking long walks, collecting gemstones, archeology, English, Italian and Classical literature, RPGs, drinking tea (especially with friends), contemplating the mysteries of existence, exploring the labyrinth of my mind.
WHAT I DISLIKE: People talking behind your back, sexism, getting too lost in the labyrinth of my mind

SEMI-SERIOUS BIO: According to a legend, there was this shy little girl living in Milan, seemingly quiet and silent; in truth, you could hear her sing for hours non-stop (joy and delight of her neighbors). At the age of 16 she fell in love with Nightwish and discovered the marvelous world of Metal... that's the music her soul was longing for! Some years later she began taking singing lessons and realized that -hey! That's what she wanted to do in life! She finally surrendered to the Muse and followed her to Cremona to study Musicology. Her meeting with Degrees of Truth was another epiphany: That's the music she always wanted to play, the story she wanted to sing!

FUN FACTS:  I first considered taking classical singing lessons when I was 13, encouraged by a teacher in middle school, who heard me sing the aria "O Mio Babbino Caro", from Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi". In the end, I waited until I was almost 21 and decided for a modern approach to singing. Better late than never!

claudia nora pezzotta soprano vocalist

Gianluca Parnisari

INSTRUMENT: Keyboards and Piano
DATE OF BIRTH: April 21, 1991
EQUIPMENT: Studiologic Keyboards, Alesis Vortex Keytar, Focusrite Audio Interfaces, Steinberg DAWs

WHAT I LIKE: writing and discovering interesting music, when something I do works at the first try, eating and drinking well, MMORPGs, computer technology and flying stuff, astronomy and the Universe misteries.
WHAT I DISLIKE: insisting too much on a topic, when something gets too noisey, argue for little reasons, getting ignored when I talk, standing still with nothing to do.

SEMI-SERIOUS BIO: To be honest I don't remember the day I began approaching piano, and especially keyboards, as I was born with the instrument at my parents' place; it was something I learned day by day like reading or writing, During my childhood I played the organ at the local church for several years so, yes, I also have experience on that matter as well. I played in many bands, too many I think, some for some months only but I'm sure I learned a lot from each of these: groove, technical skills, synth programming mainly. Actually I am a full-timer in Degrees Of Truth, writing music, arranging and producing songs and managing band activities; I also write soundtracks for short films and any related project.

FUN FACTS:  I definitely want to own a Hammond Organ. With a Leslie speaker!

gianluca parnisari keyboardist orchestral composer

Andrea Boccarusso

DATE OF BIRTH:  (soon...)
EQUIPMENT:  (soon...)

WHAT I LIKE:  (soon...)
WHAT I DISLIKE: (soon...)

SEMI-SERIOUS BIO:  (soon...)

FUN FACTS:  (soon...)

Andrea Boma Boccarusso Youtube Channel

Luca Ravezzani

DATE OF BIRTH: 23 October, 1993
EQUIPMENT: Ludwig Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Iron Cobra Hardware, Vic Firth Drumsticks

WHAT I LIKE: drumming, drumming all day and each day, listening to music of each kind (especially metal), coffee and a cigarette after waking up, math and physics brain exercises, the comic duo "Luca e Paolo", riding my bike in the nature, whiskey
WHAT I DISLIKE: the disco and the music they play in, hypocritic and snob people who believe to be better than others, when things don't work, being lazy

SEMI-SERIOUS BIO: I began approaching music, and especially drumming, thanks to my father, drummer as well. At the age of 14 my parents bought me an electronic drum as a Christmas gift: I learn playing this instrument by myself, except for some father's advices and taking inspiration from big names such as Mike Portnoy, Marco Minneman and other "progressive monsters" such as Matt Garstka. I played in many musical projects in metal/rock and pop/funk genres focusing mainly on enjoying music and trying any time to communicate feelings through music. Now, in Degrees Of Truth I found what I definitely was searching for.

FUN FACTS: I began playing beating with some sticks on each flat surface I was able to find like VHS boxes, books and baskets. I managed to break about one VHS box a week... poor cassette!

luca ravezzani degrees of truth drummer

Samuele Di Nardo

DATE OF BIRTH: 5 March, 1992
EQUIPMENT: Cocopelli 6-string custom bass, Fender Jazz,, Epifani Head, MarkBass 4x10 Cabs

WHAT I LIKE: studying and listening to each musical genre everyday (except electronic music), Dragonball Z, cooking (and eating, of course!), tasting good wines, reading, swimming and running. I also love animals, and coffee!
WHAT I DISLIKE: getting drunk, falling asleep too late in the night, dancing, being in crowded places (except concerts, but I usually play there!), straight hair 🙂

SEMI-SERIOUS BIO: Raised in a small country, I always been fashioned by the drums since I started playing the bass at the age of 15. My life dramatically changed when I discovered a peculiar band, which name was "Dream Theater" because I was shocked by their musical knowledge and ingenuity (unfortunately I still have to learn some of their songs...). At the age of 20 I decided that music had to be a very part of my life and I started to be a professional musician in London; I later came back to Italy to perfection and enhance my music skills... then I joined Degrees Of Truth!

FUN FACTS: I love my hair so much that I usually don't headbang at concerts to avoid spoil them... Beside this I'm a too serious guy to share fun facts about myself!! 🙂

samuele di nardo bassman