Degrees Of Truth is an italian female-fronted Progressive Symphonic Metal band which fuse together dreamy and cinematic soundscapes with electronic music and, of course, metal music.

The Sound of the Universe

It's March, 2014. Piano notes floating in the warm studio, moved by a gentle feeling of being in an impalpable dream. Then, the spark: the magic of the first song, the will to forge emotions in music.

A state of slumber and void
No hourglass, no sand to fall
Silent and constant grey calm
No one to see, no one to tellWhat was before
The one spark
When the Eggshell broke…

That's the way Gianluca Parnisari realized that he couldn't stand anymore with all of this inside: Degrees Of Truth was born.

And like the Universe, described in the songs of first album "The Reins Of Life",

the feelings quickly turned into facts, with the help of other two talentuous musicians: Claudia Nora Pezzotta and Graziano Franchetti, respectively lead vocalist and guitarist.

Between 2014 and 2015 then began the hard work of songwriting where every detail was carefully brewed and refined to be mixed in the first songs. But a good team needs good players, and at that time Degrees Of Truth had two empty slots: before entering the studio Luca Ravezzani, drummer, and Matteo Clark, bassist, joined the band to complete the rhythmic section.

The world is set aflame!
And now who’s to survive
the new rules of the game?

Right after the studio session, the band submitted the recorded material to the italian label "Underground Symphony": the songs attract the label's attention and the band was offered a deal. In October 2016 the first full-length was out and immediately reached the hearts of many of the listeners.

And then it comes the second...

Year 2017 marked the second step in Degrees Of Truth history, the second year and also the second publication. In fact the band signed a deal with "Volcano Records" for the release of the new EP titled "Lifeless, Faultless", out next November 16th.

The title track is a deep insight on the faulty human nature: everyone makes mistakes and each wrong action worsens the fate on each of us; this track also features the first videoclip of the band.

This new package included the acoustic reverìe of the band old glory song "Finite Infinite", released a bonus track with a lyrics video.

During the years Degrees of Truth played alongside many national and international relevant metal acts such as Elvenking, Temperance, Overtures, Ephyra, Drakkar and many others.

The EP also offered the band the occasion to welcome the new bassman Samuele Di Nardo into the Degrees Of Truth family.

The Third is almost here!

2018 marked the year of change and renew: the guitar seat has been taken by the virtuoso guitarist Andrea Boma Boccarusso and the band is actively working on the new full-length album which is actually undergoing the last phases of productions: #staytuned