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Wings of Bea Metalfest


CortoMaggiore 2017

Saremo ospiti a CortoMaggiore 2017, la rassegna di corti cinematografici del Lago Maggiore e porteremo la nostra musica all'interno di questa kermesse... con qualche sorpresa!

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"The Reins Of Life" - Preview

Live Showcase (Dagda PowerFest)

"Evolution" - Live Premiere

"The World Beneath My Feet"


We are Degrees Of Truth, progressive symphonic metal from the deepest north of Italy. We love metal music, cinematic and operatic symphonies and electronic stuff! We like to mix these altogether and make some funny noise! Still haven't you heard of us? Scroll up and down this website and press something!!
Claudia, band soprano vocalist, female fronted

Claudia Nora Pezzotta

Grace and fury, poetess and master vocalist, Degrees of Truth finds in Claudia its frontwoman.
Gianluca, band keyboardist, orchestral arrangements, producer

Gianluca Parnisari

Keyboards and arrangements at his commands: after more than 10 years on stage Gianluca is also the producer of Degrees of Truth.
Graziano, metal guitars, solo, Schecter endorser

Graziano Franchetti

Up to seven strings serve Graziano in writing the majestic rhythm and solo guitar parts in Degrees of Truth songs.
Luca, band drums, Mapex

Luca Ravezzani

Committed to rhythm and drums, Luca's touch brings the band songs to a very next level.
Matteo, band bassist, bass, Schecter, Mark Bass

Samuele Di Nardo

Bass unleashed, official bassist of Degrees of Truth since 2017.

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